Why Koch Cash?

The purpose of KochCash.org is to explain the undue influence of the world’s two wealthiest individuals—Charles and David Koch—on paralyzing democratic decision-making in the US, and, in turn, around the world.

The problem is too much power in too few hands.

Our objective is to inform global citizens and increase public pressure on the biggest sources of private money, wielding their money and stopping just and sustainable solutions to today’s deepening global crises.

The Kochs are also aggressively attacking collective bargaining rights, voting rights, climate policy and many other policies that restrict the inherent human rights of people and the planet.

The Kochtopus, to see an interactive mapping of the money, structure, and scale of the Kochs’ influence network, and how Koch Cash is damaging democracy.  The rest of this website features in-depth research on the various aspects of life on which the Kochs have imposed their personal ideology of “economic freedom.”

Why focus on the Kochs?

Our study of the Kochs boils down to four characteristics that differentiate the brothers from others among the world’s wealthiest:

  • their magnitude of wealth
  • their expansive network of influence
  • their history of intense political activism
  • their extreme economic ideology

We recognize that the Kochs are not the only wealthy individuals contributing to partisan political campaigns and profiting from the fossil fuel industries. Our concerns about the Kochs not only stem from the sheer scale of financial wealth accumulated through their carbon-based industries, but also the ways in which they have used their wealth to push their personal, extreme ideology in American politics and policy.

The Kochs’ combined net worth ($80.2 billion) now exceeds that of even the world’s wealthiest man, Carlos Slim ($71.8 billion).  In less than three years after the controversial Supreme Court ruling that expanded the rights of private money in politics, known as Citizens United, the Kochs now exert their influence on a scale never before seen on the American political landscape, effectively buying blocking power in Congress through its radical faction of right wing ideologues.

Countering the power of Koch Cash

Serious steps to reduce the role of private money corrupting US policy outcomes is a matter of national and global urgency to be addressed, ultimately by a constitutional amendment to clarify that money is not equal to speech and corporations are not people, as well as in publicly funded elections.

Along with our efforts to expose the Kochs as the single largest source of private money destroying democracy, Koch Cash connects readers to key constituencies, analyses, and amplify ongoing campaigns to call for the Kochs’ accountability and to advance an alternative narrative about the New Economy.