Oil emissions force families to leave their homes


News | Feb 21, 2013 | 2:49 Regulation questions The CBC’s Kim Trynacity has the third part of her series on Peace Country families who’ve left their homes because they believe emissions are hurting their health…

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Over 100 Youth Risk Arrest, Escalating Fight Against Keystone XL Pipeline


Press Release Press Release – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 11, 2013 Contact: nokxl@riseup.net, 617-470-0371 Students hold “Funeral for Our Future” in act of civil disobedience at TransCanada Corporation’s Westborough, MA Office Westborough, MA – On Monday morning, over 100 students and

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US shale boom at risk, watchdog warns


Originally Published in the Financial Times By Gregory Meyer in New York and Ajay Makan in London The boom in US oil production unleashed by new shale drilling techniques is in jeopardy unless Washington urgently reverses its more than three-decade

Sequester this! Three ways the Kochs win from today’s “shrink government” agenda


As America braces for record reductions in federal spending on March 1st ( so-called sequestration), too little attention has focused on the forces driving today’s “shrink government” agenda, or why its financial and intellectual leaders are so willing to go

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Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won’t Sell Oil to the Kochs

Hugo Chavez

Greg Palast for Vice Greg Palast is a New York Times bestselling author and fearless investigative journalist whose reports appear on BBC Television Newsnight and in The Guardian. Palast eats the rich and spits them out. Catch his reports and

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Exclusive: Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science

Audit trail reveals that donors linked to fossil fuel industry are backing global warming skeptics The Independent STEVE CONNOR, Thursday 24 January 2013secretive funding organisation in the United States that guarantees anonymity for its billionaire donors has emerged as a major operator

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The Kochs and Congress as Citizens United marks three years


New rights for private money let two carbon billionaires buy blocking power Now under his hand due to Citizens United, Americans for Prosperity’s (AFP) President, Tim Phillips, called off Koch-funded Congressmen from the debt ceiling debate As America marks the

Koch Subsidiary Told Regulators It Has ‘Direct and Substantial Interest’ in Keystone XL

By Stacy Feldman, InsideClimate News  “A document filed with Canada’s Energy Board appears to cast doubt on claims by Koch Industries that it has no interest in the controversial pipeline…” Read the full article HERE

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Koch Brothers’ Activism Protects Their 50-Year Stake in Canadian Heavy Oils

By David Sassoon, InsideClimate News May 10, 2012 Long involvement in Canada’s tar sands has been central to Koch Industries’ evolution and positions the billionaire brothers for a new oil boom. Read the full article HERE

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NAMING THE PROBLEM What It Will Take to Counter Extremism and Engage Americans in the Fight against Global Warming

Harvard University’s, Theda Skocpol releases this report for the Symposium on the Politics of America’s Fight Against Global Warming. Read the report HERE

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