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Koch Cash Analysis is the home for our research into the Koch Brothers influence.

Solution Zone – Climate Deadlock

LISTEN HERE Michael Dorsey and Victor Menotti discuss the climate deadlock on the Solution Zone: Professor of Environmental Policy, Wesleyan University College of the Environment talks about how the planet continues to suffer from the devastating effects of catastrophic climate change

MEDIA ADVISORY: Kochs’ Influence Paralyzes Global Climate Deal

(Doha, Qatar)  – A new report will be released December 3 at global climate talks in Doha, Qatar by the International Forum on Globalization (IFG) entitled US Carbon Billionaires and the UN Climate Deadlock provides a detailed overview of how

How Sandy was Strengthened by Billionaires Blocking Carbon Controls

Hurricanes happen, but the super-strength of Sandy was  due to deadly greenhouse gases that remain politically impossible to reduce at the speed and scale climate scientists are urging.   We call it America’s “Koch problem,” after carbon billionaires, Charles and David Koch.

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IFG Releases Report on Koch Brothers and Clean Energy Jobs

Click HERE to download the report. The purpose of this IFG Special Report is to document the details of spending by the world’s two biggest billionaires to deal a deathblow to an important political force in urgent efforts to grow

What The Kochs Want From Denver

The single largest source of private money in the 2012 elections comes from billionaire oil barons Charles and David Koch (pronounced Coke), whose combined net worth ranks them above the world’s wealthiest individual, Carlos Slim, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s

Kochs’ net worth jumps 24% from last year; IFG and allies launch emergency effort on Koch Cash

New Forbes figures are out for 2012, and the Kochs’ family fortune increased by  another ­ one-quarter.  So what? The Kochs’ wealth jumping from $50B to 62$B means they now have an even bigger war chest to rollback inherent rights

Who “Built” the Kochs’ Business?

By: IFG Originally posted: August 30, 2012 As David Koch is feted in Tampa as an “Entrepreneur Building America” by Americans for Prosperity (or AFP, the fake grassroots group he funds to advance his hardline agenda for “economic freedom”), IFG’s Plutonomy Program asks, who

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How to Reduce Gas Prices and Remove Barriers to Clean Energy: Ban Oil Derivatives

By: IFG March 21, 2012 Some say higher oil prices are essential to ending our addiction to fossil fuels. While true in principle, the reality of recent rising costs to consumers has so far been the exact opposite, with political

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By Victor Menotti, IFG Freshwater faces an unprecedented threat from today’s fracking boom, especially from chemicals used to prop open underground micro-fissures to release gas and oil. Among the largest producers of these chemicals is Georgia Pacific, or GP, a