Koch Youth Tour Twenty Campuses to Urge “OptOut” of Obamacare


The Koch brothers-funded Generation Opportunity throws a boozy tailgate party during the University of Miami-Virginia Tech football game on Saturday — complete with models and anti-Obamacare info packets

An amazing amount of Koch Cash is going to college campuses this fall, where their youth group is organizing tailgate parties with Djs and hummers…Who else could spontaneously throw $750,000 for a tour of twenty campuses to urge students to “OptOut” of Obamacare, and instead go with no healthcare at all?  Coming on the heels of last week’s story of the Kochs funding the War on Women, its clear that they are flooding politics with more dark and dirty money than ever.  In the first ten months of 2013, their combined net worth billowed upward from $80B to $92B, so they have a stunning amount of money to advance their extremist agenda.

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